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Why Should You Host Your Online Business on Dedicated Servers

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Why Should You Host Your Online Business on Dedicated Servers

Jamie Cunningham July 29, 2019
  • Dedicated IP address

Are you looking for the best website hosting services in Malaysia? Hire experienced people who can help you with your IP address concerns. Having a dedicated IP address is very important. Through this separate IP, you can breathe in the air, and relax. No other server user activities can affect you. Moreover, having one is a requirement for ecommerce platforms that require SSL for dealing with online credit card payments and other sensitive data. 

  • System Administration and Technical Support 

No matter how experienced and skilled your system admin is, some unexpected things may happen online. Eligible and intelligent 24/7 technical support is a genuine lifesaver in stressful situations. 

  • Performance and Dependability 

Using a reliable dedicated server is exactly like renting a house solely for your family and yourself. With unlimited access to several server resources, server downtimes would go away soon. 

  • Selectiveness of Server Resources

Not sharing a server with other people means that only you, and you alone, can have complete control over how your assets are appropriated. The floor is entirely yours. You would no longer experience data transfer capacity constraints.

  •  Upgraded security and execution

You would be amazed by the level of security dedicated server hosting brings. It can give an ultimate uptime for your ecommerce website. If you want more security and stability, this is the way to go.