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Things to Consider When You’re Building Your Own Business Website

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Things to Consider When You’re Building Your Own Business Website

Jamie Cunningham November 30, 2018

When you have a business- no matter how small or big it is, it is important that you have your own website. The website can be used as a platform for you to interact with your target audience.

Now, there is a common misconception about business websites in that people are quick to assume that such sites only offer products and nothing else. But, that is just not entirely true.

Yes, some business websites can be an avenue for businesses to sell their products, but it is not only limited to that. Such sites can also be a source of information, especially if your business is not offering products but is instead providing professional services.

A business website has amazing content that talks about more on the services that you offer. It not only acts as an avenue for information; it can also be used as a means for people to contact you and your company as well.

That being said, if you’re thinking of building your own website, here are some considerations that you need to think about based on the website developers :


  1. Get a Good Web Hosting Service

A professional business website must, first and foremost, have its own domain name. To do that, you must get a good web hosting service that provides you with your own domain that you can rename as you please.

Now, you want a good provider in that it offers both domain and hosting services as part of the deal. Take note that you have to pay a certain fee for this as a good web hosting service is not for free.

  1. Consider a Good Domain Name

Once you’ve acquired your very own domain, it is now time to rename it to suit your company. Look at websites like abc.com, facebook.com, and other prominent websites out there.

You will find a common theme: the names are actually derived from their own company names. Now, the naming of your domain can be quite tricky, especially if it is pretty common.

If you find an error that states that there is an already existing domain with that specific moniker, then add some other specific things that still relates to your company.

So if your company’s name is “Goodwill” and that domain name is already taken, you can add something so that the end result would be “JohnSenonGoodWill” or “GoodWillPortland” or something like that.

  1. Time to Host It

A web hosting service is the one who is responsible for making your website more accessible to the general public.

That being said, once you’ve created a suitable domain name, it is now time to for the service to host it. Once that is done, another person may no longer be able to acquire that domain since it is rightfully yours.

When getting a good web hosting service, ask them if they also offer site building or creation tools so that you can also create a website while you’re at it.

  1. Website Creation

Once the domain has been hosted, it is now time for you to create your actual website. If your web hosting service offers a site creation tool, then you can simply choose templates and you should be ready to go.

If they do not offer such a service, look into some content management systems and see the best ones for you. I suggest Drupal or WordPress for starters, or Wix and Squarespace if you want more premium options.

After the initial creation is finished, you can then add different elements to your website as you please. Just be sure to create a webpage that has an easy navigation scheme and good functionality.