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Networking Events: Is it the Right One for You?


Networking Events: Is it the Right One for You?

Jamie Cunningham November 1, 2018


There are a lot of different about events management out there that serve a particular purpose. There are concerts that help provide entertainment.

There are speaker programs where a VIP speaker will impart his or her knowledge to the audience. And there are also some “networking” events that will help improve your connections.

If you have a business, you need to ask yourself if a Networking event is right for you. There are certainly pros and cons to this, so I am going to talk more about them in this article.


1. Helps Build Rapport

The beauty of networking events is that you’re going to invite different people to the said occasion and it really helps build rapport.

You see, there is this thing called Proximity where a person trusts another person only if they can see them, hold them, and hear them in the area.

Although advances to modern technology have helped us communicate with people no matter where they are in the world, there still is no direct substitute for face-to-face interactions.

Having a networking event will pool these people in an area to help increase rapport and to possibly help improve your business as well.

2. It Makes Them Get Out of Their Shells

Believe it or not, most people nowadays are becoming introverts and they really do not like face-to-face interactions anymore, probably because there is the internet to help us stay connected.

However, a social event such as this one can really help them get out of their shells and talk to each other in person. Remember proximity? Yeah, that is a real thing.

3. Garner More Social Media Presence

This might sound counterintuitive, but hear me out. You can gain more social media attention by using a hashtag that talks about the event.

Using hashtags is a great way for people to know about something since a lot of us have social media accounts.

Although interacting with one another is encouraged in a networking event, this is not to say that the use of phones and gadgets are prohibited. Although, you have to remind them to engage in an interaction with the other delegates whilst in the event.


4. It is Expensive

The first major con, and one that you should definitely think about are the possible expenses that you might incur.

Setting up a networking event can actually be costly, especially if you’re inviting delegates from the different parts of the world. Are you willing to shell out the necessary costs or not?

5. Fear of Low Attendance

Here’s the thing: not every person you’ve invited will come to the event. After all, it is just an invitation; not a summon.

Anyway, having low attendance numbers is actually a possibility. Therefore, it is now your decision to push through with this or not.


There are plenty of positives to networking events. It can help promote a brand, it can help make connections, and it can also encourage people to come out of their shells once in a while.

However, you have to remember that there are also negatives as well. Things like low attendance numbers and it being an expensive affair should be considered at all times.