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Impact of Mobile apps on our daily life

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Impact of Mobile apps on our daily life

Jamie Cunningham December 13, 2018


Smartphone app development in Malaysia are important parts of our lives. Surely, you check your phone from the moment you wake up in the morning. Whether there is a notification or not, you will excited to navigate around. Your phone is the first and last thing you hold every single day. This piece of technology play a vital role in your life, and inside it, are efficient mobile apps that can affect our existence in an instant.

Mobile apps make our lives easier.

Planning to order a meal? Do you want to get your house cleaned? Do you need to hail a cab on your way to work? Well, whatever you want to do, there is an app for that. We are always dependent on our smartphones. At some point, they make us feel that everything is possible in just one click.

Many years ago, this is considered as a luxury. Today, it is regarded as a necessity. Mobile apps changed the way we play, work, shop and communicate.

Do you love shopping online? Then, you know how convenient mobile shopping apps are. No need to go markets and malls to purchase your needs. There are also health maintaining mobile apps that can monitor your calorie intake.

Mobile apps made our lives easier at the cost of what?

Mobile apps truly made our lives easier. However, it has also impacted our lives on negative ways. It has increased our chances for depression, and mental stress. Moreover, since everything is just one click way, it decreased the amount of our physical activities. Instead of running outside, we prefer to sit at home.

Social networking applications have connected us to loved ones far from us. Though, it has distanced us from individuals near us. Even when having dinner, we are busy navigating through our smartphones. We cherish all the positive effects, but what about the negative side? Contemplate on them, and address every single thing.