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FatCow Review: The Most Basic Things You Need to Know About FatCow

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FatCow Review: The Most Basic Things You Need to Know About FatCow

Jamie Cunningham September 6, 2019

Know About FatCow

Are you thinking of starting a new blog? If you want to host your new website to a reputable agency, consider FatCow hosting. FatCow has been in operation since 1998, and is one of the oldest providers in the hosting market today. Thus, you can surely count on their team to host your web pages. You can depend on their amazing team for all the problems that may occur on your website.

Many webmasters prefer FatCow’s affordable web hosting packages. If you choose their MiniMoo plan, you would be required to pay only $5 each year. You would be given an email address and domain. Moreover, you can create your website through SiteDelux, FatCow’s website builder. This web builder is good for a beginner with no knowledge on web design. You wouldn’t have a hard time building your web pages from scratch.

Users can also get features such as spam filtering utility, placeholder page, auto responders, email account, customizable control panel, one-click installation and other webmaster tools for promotions. Moreover, open source scripts like Joomla and WordPress can be utilized.

One of the most important things you must research on is a web host’s customer support. Once you start your research, you would see in every FatCow hosting review in Malaysia that FatCow offers brilliant customer support. They train their staff strictly, ensuring that they would be able to respond to client inquiries in just 2 minutes. Their support team is available to attend to your needs 24/7. This is very beneficial to both newbie and seasoned business owners. 

Regular Backups

FatCow performs regular backups to their own servers This is amazing because people can have peace of mind knowing that their website data is protected, just in case an accident takes place. Their servers are also well equipped with backup generators. If the power suddenly breaks down, their generators would be able to give power temporarily until the primary power is already restored.

FatCow is taking part in global warming awareness by offering green hosting. Their company runs machines using renewable energy. This means that they are not causing harm to nature. As more data centers are developed due to the internet’s growth, more energy is consumed, contributing to further harm to the environment. By providing green web hosting, they can operate their agency in a more nature-friendly way, and still offer great hosting services to customers.