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Baby Care 101: Breastfeeding Tips for First-Time Moms


Baby Care 101: Breastfeeding Tips for First-Time Moms

Jamie Cunningham August 5, 2019

Breastfeeding can do wonders for you and your little one. Breast milk delivers complete nutrition for your baby, and also helps in preventing allergies and illnesses. 

If you are a young, first-time mom, you probably enjoy going through baby shopping guides out there. It’s really fun shopping for baby bath accessories and baby jogging strollers in Malaysia. Though, what comes after all the shopping trips are big challenges. Are you already familiar with the basic details regarding breastfeeding? Here is a quick guide that can help you out. 

Breastfed children are healthier. 

Breastfed babies have fewer trips to the doctor for common baby illnesses. They are expected to have lower risks of diabetes and obesity, and fewer allergies. 

For mothers, there are less osteoporosis, breast cancer and ovarian cancer risks. Moreover, breastfeeding helps moms deal with fertility delays, postpartum weight loss, and promotes bonding. 

There are no costs, and wasted formula. 

Breastfeeding your baby means that you don’t need to spend extra amount to buy formula milk. Breast milk is always available at the right temperature. 

Latch your little one to the breast properly.

The key to a pleasant, successful breastfeeding experience is latching your baby onto your breasts in a comfortable position. Hold your child tummy to tummy, so there will be no extra space between your baby and your body. Your baby needs to face the breast. 

Make sure to support your breast throughout the feeding session. 

Your fingers should be positioned behind the areola, and don’t press your breast inward. This position can help your child get plenty of milk, and help you avoid sore nipples. 

Here are the signs of a poor latch to the breast:

  • The baby is repeatedly coming off the breast after only a few sucks
  • The baby’s cheeks are dimpling in with every suck
  • The baby appears hungry after nursing
  • The baby has less than 6 to 8 wet diapers
  • Your nipples feel sore during the entire breastfeeding session, or bleeding and cracked
  • Your nipples are slanted or creased, when the little one comes off the breast
  • When the baby sucks, you can hear smacking or clicking sounds