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7 Foods and Drinks that Boost Men’s Sex Drive

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7 Foods and Drinks that Boost Men’s Sex Drive

Jamie Cunningham December 4, 2019

There are some men that would drink libido boosters if they feel that they need to have an increase in their libido. But some men want to take the natural route of eating the right foods to achieve the same effect.

In today’s article, I will be going over some food and drinks that are documented to help boost men’s libido.


What does Viagra do to men? Well, it is usually prescribed to men who suffer from erectile dysfunction as the said medication can help improve blood flow to the penis.

Well, there is a natural alternative to that and that is spinach. Ever wondered why Popeye eats this particular vegetable to get an energy and strength boost? Well, there are scientific reasons for that.

First, it contains Magnesium which can help reduce inflammation in the blood vessels, thus allowing more blood flow, especially to the nether regions.

Aside from that, it is also rich in iron which also improves your energy as well.


Spicy peppers not only aid in increasing your metabolism, but it is also responsible for stimulating the production and release of endorphins.

Endorphins are what are known as “feel-good hormones” which can help elevate your mood during pleasurable activities (yes, it means sex is included).

Green Tea

Aside from the fact that green tea contains caffeine, it is also rich in catechins which can help reduce belly fat (and thus, help lower estrogen levels in men). In addition, it kills off free radicals that are known to damage your cells and may lead to the inflammation of blood vessels.


One of the main components of Pesto, pine nuts, are rich in zinc which is an essential mineral that is documented to help people achieve a higher sex drive. Plus, it is also delicious too!

Red Wine

It is generally a bad idea to consume beer if you want to improve your libido because not only does it contain agents that can help induce gassiness and belching, but it is also known to lower testosterone levels in both men and women.

Instead of drinking beer, a great alcoholic alternative would be to drink red wine. Red wine is made of red grapes which are filled with antioxidants that can help improve blood production and circulation.


Aside from the fact that they are rich in antioxidants, blueberries contain flavonoids that are known to help keep erectile dysfunction at bay. These flavonoids are flavanones, flavones, and anthocyanins.

The great part about blueberries is that you can consume them in a lot of different ways. You can either add them to your favorite smoothie, yogurt, pancakes, or other food options.


It is a generally bad idea to consume garlic just before having a date, but eating garlic at other times can actually improve your overall health, as well as helping you achieve a much higher sex drive.

Garlic has a compound known as allicin which can help prevent arterial blockage, thus allowing maximum blood flow to your organs.