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5 Best Apps to Watch Anime or Cartoon

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5 Best Apps to Watch Anime or Cartoon

Jamie Cunningham August 29, 2018

If you surf the Internet in search of the best apps or websites that offer streaming anime online, most probably you will find endless options that will make you waste your time since you will have to check each website until you decide for the best option.

  1. AnimeDLR. This is a great app for anime fans. It has the latest episodes of your favourite series directly on your smartphones. This app also lets you save the series and manage the episode that you download. However, it does not host any of the episodes, it just links you to them through several different servers and lets you stream or download them on your phone.
  2. Toonmania. If you are a cartoon lover, then Toonmania is your go-to app. This app offers dubbed cartoons and anime and you can choose between a quality of 420p or 720p. These animated series contain thousands of episodes and you will get to watch cartoons and anime such as Adventure Time, Dragon Ball Z or 5 Centimetres Per Second. There is also an option to watch your cartoons offline so all you have to do is just download the cartoons on the app.
  3. Animania. This is one of the best apps for anime lovers and it brings the intuitive way to watch anime series for free. Another great feature is this app also has subbed anime so for those of you who prefer to watch subbed anime, this app is great for you.
  4. Anime HD Watch. This is one of the best-rated app on Android. Anime HD Watch is an ideal option if you want to watch a large database of anime for free and based on the name itself, the content of the series is mostly in high definition. Although this app mainly offers dubbed version, fret not because there are some of the anime in subbed version.
  5. Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll is considered as the godfather of the anime streaming services of all time. You can watch popular anime and purchase and read manga on this app. Moreover, the series will appear one hour after the TV broadcast and you can watch thousands of series online including the Naruto Shippuden and Dragon Ball Super. It also lets you stream the anime in HD quality

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